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Jan 2, 2010 5:30am EST
showcased on the national stage. both brown and smith competed on nbc's "america's got talent." performing with the local d.c. act, the diva league, the group was featured on the august 4th live broadcast. they didn't make it past that round, but that moment under the lights was unforgettable. >> it's an awe experience. i remember when they were rolling our b rotate, it was almost made me cry a little bit. >> brown says shows like america's got talent are shining a new spotlight on the performing arts. he believes that's one reason his classes are more popular than ever. however you choose to exercise, you got to do it the right way to avoid injury. the american academy of orthopedic surgeons has advice on how to stay healthy and get the most from your workouts. first, balance, that means incorporate rating cardio, strength, and flexibility exercise into your routine, variety, mix it up every week tween machines and classes and other activities. repetitive stress can lead to injury. also proper form, equipment, and attire, like helmets for biking and good shoes for running are also key. an
Jan 30, 2010 7:30pm EST
the edges. >> reporter: the national aquarium in d.c. has updated 55 of 65 exhibits. it focuses on america's aquatic treasures. it is important to understand the marine creatures because their habitats are being destroyed by us. like this exotic lion fish, an invasive species, murder on a native habitat. it found its way to our waters because people with home aquariums started dumping the fish when it got too big. in addition to the animals the aquarium highlights the saving of the coral reefs. >> some of these coral head cans take 40 to 50 years to grow. it takes one anchor to kill them permanently. >> reporter: it is not as grand as our sister in baltimore, but come on your lunch hour or when you are spiriting visitors, it is one block down on the mall. like taking a dip on a hot summer day you are going to want to flow through this one. don't be in a hurry. >> our leader is telling us to hurry. >> we have to go get on the bus. >> did you enjoy it? >> we loved it. yes. >> that looks pretty cool. again, d.c.'s national aquarium is in the basement of the commerce department on 14th and con
Jan 24, 2010 12:00pm EST
hike! >> uh, no comment. hey, listen, thanks for joining us for "america this week." we'll leave you today with a little squirrel with a special talent. his name is twiggy. he's the water-skiing squirrel and he's at it this women from the jesus divine world in hunting ton, maryland, are home safe and sound but many are still very shaken up. and have very painful memories that will stay with them forever. we have their miraculous story. >> complete devastation. like a war. happened there. different kind of war. >> reporter: clutching her rosary beads, she painfully remember it is nightmare she endured in haiti. one of ten missionaries who went to the country last friday to help take care of children. the church made this trip to the missionaries of charity twice before but on tuesday, the third visit went terribly wrong. >> the earth started to shake. the barbed wire and safety and security for the compound started to crumble. >> reporter: located in pournele, cortez says the damaged building became a safe haven. >> the hospital collapsed and so there was really no place for the h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)